Online Notices

Are you looking for an easy way to process notices?  Our online system allows our clients to process notices in less that 10 seconds each.  Simply input the name, apartment number or address, amount owed, and past due balance, and we do the rest.  All notices in by 3pm are served the same day.  You will recieve your notices back by PDF or print from your online portal.  It really is that easy.


Eviction Services

Evictions in the state of Arizona must start with an Eviction Notice.  Whether for non payment of rent or a dangerous health and safety violation, AAA can help you prepare and serve every king of eviction notice.  Whether you have one a year or 200 a month, we have the resources you need.  Once a notice is served and the residents does not comply in the appropriate time, AAA can refer you to an attorney or help you handle the eviction yourself.  We offer services of the Eviction Summons and Complaint.  We can also help you prepare a Writ of Restitution.  Our servers run to each court everyday, this allows our clients to come directly to our East Valley office.  We also welcome scanned or faxed documents.


Collections Summons/Complaints

AAA performs work for Arizona's largest collection agencies.  If you are in need of services for Summons and Complaints, Garnishments, and General Filings, we are your company.  Our low cost high volume track record makes us the affordable company Arizona wide.  We create custom solutions for each of our clients.  Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.


Foreclosurer Notices and Summons/Complaint

We take pride in serving some of the nations largest foreclosure attorneys.  If you are looking for an easy and efficient company to team with, we are awaiting your call.  AAA employees are well trained in Foreclosure and Eviction laws.